Sunday, April 3, 2016

Why I'm not feeling fooled this April.

Well Tesla unveiled the Model 3 and I like what I see. My Grand was correctly invested.

*** Warning I own Tesla stock for the long term ***

Musk cautioned that these were his minimum base model specs and could improve:

$35,000 Base model pre incentives.
Range EPA on a charge: 215 miles.
Seating : 5 adults comfortably.
Base model speed : 0-60 in six seconds.
5 Star safety all category rating goal.
Autopilot hardware standard and all safety features active in base model.
15 inch center dash screen.
Supercharger capability built in base model.

Many are debating the styling.  The two biggest exterior points the nose and the passthrough trunk vs a hatchback. I like the nose very much - stingray/shark like. Says I don't need no stinkin radiator. As for the trunk while a hatchback is nice for cramming stuff I really prefer the privacy of a trunk. Either way not a big deal to me.

Now I wait - hopefully being early in line means the full Federal credit will still be available. Musk grins when he says end of 2017 for first deliveries - he knows that will be a challenge.

As of yesterday when they expanded to online reservations 253,000 - a quarter of a million had been reserved for a grand each.... 

More to come...

( All images from Tesla and can be removed if requested. They are just sooo good lookin. )

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