Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween for the EV Family

The east coast just had an ugly hurricane - New Jersey and New York took the worst impact - for Maryland it was power outages, some flooding, and just a single death. Which was a tragedy as big as any to that family but the numbers and damage were much worst north and on the shore. 

We are on the edge of an election where one side is spoiling to drill and drop efforts to develop alternative low carbon energy. It amazes me with the hotest climate over multiple years, hurricanes at the end of October, and continual weather disasters - conservatives can't seem to see the handwriting on the wall.

As a two EV family I know we have done our part. Still I have to admit the lukewarm demand amazes me. The reward of cheap fun miles helps though. The fact that Th!nk is also coming through with upgrades to the problem heater system - pretty good considering their up and downs. Kevin's excitement at the Th!nk is great too.

So a mixed Halloween - Tricks & Treats for all.

Let's hope for an EV positive Thanksgiving!


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Th!nk fun and issues

The Th!nk City to date has been a lot of fun.  It seems to have about 5 more miles per full charge then the Leaf in range which is nice. Roomy for a two seater - as a former Honda CRX and Spitfire owner I like the seating. However I'm glad the highway segments I've been on have been short - it's clearly straining above 60 mph. Acceptable and reasonably safe but not as comfortable as the 40-55 power band where it excels. Rt 301 and around Bowie/Brandywine/Waldorf is quite nice. I brought it down from Euromotors via the 695 Baltimore Beltway - fine even in rain with the lower center of gravity, but not comfortable at 65 mph highway ( which keeps me pretty much right lane - but I'm used to that in the Leaf for milage reasons). I did get the speedometer up to 75 to prove it could get there but it was on a flat section and clearly sucking down the electrons.

That is fine though - it's meant to be a city runabout and for that it's a ball to drive. It gets a lot of positive feedback for it's fun look. My son and others have tried it - will writeup some feedback on that in the future. Pretty positive though. However there is a fly in the ointment - the heater.

When I drove it home I used the heater - no problems. Reading on the internet at the Th!nk users group on heater use however I was saddened to find that heater use can unpredictably mess up the electronic controller - sometimes fatally.

While supposedly Th!nk USA is working the issue - we buyers are hearing nothing yet - and it's getting colder out.... Will keep you up to date on any developments.


PS - Lanny from EVA/DC took this after kindly giving me a ride up to EuroStar Motors to pick it up: