Thursday, June 15, 2017

Tesla Model 3 Watch as The Leaf looks at retirement

Again - long time no post. Is Tesla visible from the crow's nest?

Basically despite loss of range the Nissan Leaf continues to pull it's weight. The Tesla Model 3 continues to be admired from afar as we wait of the 'final reveal' next month. The Leaf being Mr Reliable deserves a pic. It may have to pull through another winter. Shown with my son.

Here's the latest in Tesla Model 3 speculation - the most rumory I'll mark with an asterisk.

The first deliveries to Tesla and SpaceX employees begins by end of July.

Two battery sizes 60 kwh and 75 kwh.

* Major rumor instead of 215+ mile range the numbers will be 250 and 300.  Would be amazing.

All wheel drive (AWD) will not be available - major blow! - for 6-9 months. Ouch Mar 2018!

Fastest chance of delivery will be a RWD with the 75 kwh battery. Despite standing in line prior to the unveil to plunk down my grand I'm inclined to still go after my dream car (AWD 75) even if it means mid 2018. Argh....

Interior is going center console control screen only with just a few controls on stalks and the steering wheel.  No HUD. Interesting conjecture- more voice control options? Early pictures show a very clean look I like.

* At least one release candidate (RC) TM3 car has pictures folks think may be the 'Signature Red' paint job.  While I like the idea of a badge like that I think I may be unable to resist blue.

Well if you've read earlier posts you already know the rest - full autopilot and autonomous driving hardware. If I can afford it add the all glass roof and I may have my 'last car'.

My earlier estimates were 15K of these this year. Teslanomics is considerably more optimistic with 83K which given the Model T approach - they could be correct.


Well more to come in 45 days or so......

Monday, January 2, 2017

2017 Here We Go

Politics is tough to separate from the environment.  So with the election of president elect Trump the impacts on the renewable energy movement and electric cars are unknown. We seem to hit the take off point with 400,000 known Tesla model 3 reservations. There may be more - Tesla no longer updates the figure. Transport is America's biggest carbon producing sector. So I continue to have faith that this path to restrict fossil fuels in time to limit damage will eventually payoff. Like a spark a half a million US Tesla Model 3's could be the vanguard that electrify US roadways and the world. 

Many look at the evidence of accelerating global effects and say we are already too late. I hope we can still technically engineer our way out of this slow moving disaster. It seems it's coming faster than all thought.