Saturday, April 16, 2016

Great resources and Links for EV arguments

So what can we say when we are told that EV's are not clean?  That they just extend the coal exhaust. I just read a new article that very simply explains that in the US we power EV's with less than 18% coal:

Since that is the #1 comment I hear I really like the 2 minute refutation of it. In addition the longer study links do a more complete job but that is great. Also in the back and forth one can note the ways power can be improved in your area.  Installing solar locally in you home and neighborhood.  Most easily paying toward the green suppliers in your state usually at a small premium. I'm locked in here in PA to green energy for 24 months at less than 10 cents a kwh for both 100% green supplier (mainly wind) and utility side. Not bad and while all electrons are indistinguishable on the wire, my utility bills go to the renewable build out of wind in my state.  Improving the balance day by day.

Here is a current (2015) in depth clean EV lifecycle study link:

Good overall studies of EVs vs. Gas:

Why hydrogen is not the fuel of the future:

Good groups (mostly DC) and clubs for electric reading resources and events:

Dispelling EV Myths and many EV facts and resources:

Great video series on clean energy and transport:

Annual September drive electric events all over the country:

How gas is subsidized more than EV rebates - $2.00 gal/$12,000 over car life 2008/Bush-GAO
Does not include wars in oil-producing countries, 20k annual deaths in the US from health effects, pollution mitigation, the $85B a year to patrol the Straight of Hormuz, etc.

That should you plenty of resources and links for argumentative fossil fuel promoters - go forth and debate!

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