Monday, April 11, 2016

The EV Naysayer

Well it's begun in earnest. Like cigarettes before the oil industry is gearing up the misinformation drive. It was there before but the Koch brothers announcing funds to fight electric vehicles is the tip of a new iceberg. In general I see five sources of bloggers out there running negative EV (Electric Vehicle) commentary:

The Perfectionist. Probably the most difficult to counter as it's true the EV's can't solve every problem despite positive points. On one end of the scale they point to big rigs not currently replaceable by EVs. At the other end they point to mining needed for lithium batteries. Usually a conversation admitting the whole of motoring won't be replaced overnight and that gas cars have plenty of rare earth and metal mining with end with an admission that EV's are an overall positive. Some in this category won't be happy until we all are bicycling again though.

The Novice. Ranging from gas motoring enthusiast to outright luddite. They dislike a change to new electric vehicle technology, either sentimentally for classic cars or due to fear.  Usually not too bad to have an exchange with. They have a point - old motor technology was fun. Sadly it poisons the air and makes large areas prone to being underwater in a couple decades.  

The Stakeholder. These bloggers are the buggy whip makers of yesteryear. Dealers who prefer making money on repairs and oil, not to mention the Tesla no dealer model.  Mechanics that realize a world with EV's needs a lot fewer repairs. Media with big advertising from the same old guard.  Gas and oil workers of all types. Animosity runs high in this crowd and besides giving them links to studies it may not be worth the time to engage here. Fear of job loss is a powerful motivator.

The Conservative Media Consumer.  Often recognisable by similar arguments they parrot from Fox news or Beck / Limbaugh on the radio. When refuted by sound sources they tend to deny or name call. I don't just mean greenie or liberal - some vile stuff. They have been trained by media repetition to consider holders of other views unamerican or immoral. I still find some of the brighter ones worth engaging with, but many just don't have any intent to understand an opposing view. Inability to compromise to get things done is common as well - see government gridlock.

The Professional.  A big area for shadowy money, lots of bloggers are paid to advance the other side.  They promptly pop up in every forum.  Unaccountable but very professional in turning positive online discussion into disinformation and trolling.  I believe this is one way secretive policy organizations get great bang for the buck in these times of hard to find employment.  Best to just provide good sources and links. They simply will engage without end or any positive movement regardless of argument strength.

** Next blog - sources to help counter naysayers.  Here's a first good link below **

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