Thursday, March 31, 2016

Time for Tesla?

Again my post numbers have been light as the Leaf continues to be a good driver but slowly loses range. I'm at 2 bars lost from 12 and rarely drive more then 30 miles from home - especially in winter.  However the Leaf maintenance has been excellent in the first 50k miles. Wiper blades/fluid, and tires.  We also are facing an uncertain future as regards the remote app system. Hacking issues and lost of 2G network is leading to some uncertain change of uncertain cost to restore it. Oddly also we early adopters did not receive any charging incentives when new owners were offered charging benefits. Leaves one a little flat having stood in line and paid 40k in 2011 but I still enjoy electric driving.

Enter Tesla. They offer their original Roadster owners a 400 mile range battery change for 6K.  This is to double the range on a car THEY NO LONGER SELL. Rather than throw away an older Tesla - they make it better for you. The Model S, the new main line, receives online updates activating novel capabilities overnight for owners.  Titanium armor added free to improve already incredible safety levels.  Cars designed, built, and many parts sourced in the U.S.A. Instead of a car that starts ageing off the lot, one that gets better with age. I'm so impressed with their business model I own stock.

So I woke at 5:30 am this morning and went to Montgomery Mall in MD.  I waited from 7am to 10am. By 10:13 I was standing in front of a Tesla rep and plunked down my plastic and drivers license.  A 1000 dollars and 60 seconds later I proudly had a reservation for a Tesla model III (sorry I don't have a sideways font).

I don't know what it will look like (unveiling is an hour away) . I don't know the specs except a 200 mile range and a base price of $35000.

I'm all in.

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