Thursday, August 11, 2016

The conservative propaganda machine in full swing

I hate to even put this up but a point needs to be made so here goes.

The following is false but circulating all over:

The couple of sites I've seen this on are filled with ad hominem attacks so be aware that while debate skills are low, users will resort to name calling quickly. I'd like to hope there are better conservative sites - please clue me in if they exist.  Anyway if you are willing to brave that here are some sources on this meme being false and lithium batteries relative pollution in manufacture and recycle.

Here are a couple of better informed discussions which I've skimmed:

Finally a real lithium extraction site picture in a salt flats desert:

This latest in a long line of propaganda from the fossil fuels camp got my goat because even my nephew posted the darned thing. So here are sources to refute the misinformation driving me crazy.

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