Monday, January 7, 2013

A year - Two EVs and 15 thousand miles.

A year ago - 2011 - Dec 18, I took possession of my 2012 Leaf.

I had awaited over a year and a half for this moment. I received a full $7500 federal deduction a few months later.

I paid full retail. Yep hindsight is 20/20 and had I waited a cheap lease would have been possible. Still I'm glad for my decision.

I joined the EVA/DC club of electric vehicle supporters.

I showed my car at the January 2012 DC Auto show and talked to hundreds of car owners about the fun of an electric. Working the EVA/DC booth was fun - if a long day or two. Working and going to the show with me was my younger son Kevin - he developed a similar passion for the cars that may one day help us out of the climate crisis our planet faces.

I put over 13,000 miles in one year of the Leaf. Increased my daily commute from 27 to 52 miles a day and have had no issues even with other driving on top of that. I did have to upgrade my portable charger to 240volt charging for about $500 with heavy duty cables.

At it's one year battery evaluation, my Leaf was 100% no bars lost at the end of November 2012

In September 2012, I took possession of a second electric - a cute 2 seater Think City electric that my younger son Kevin will eventually own. Terrific car and basically the same size battery and range for $15,500 after my SECOND $7500 federal deduction. This car is less luxury then the Leaf, but do the math after the deduction. Was an MSRP of about $33000 down to $23000 with all tax tags costs etc.

Leaf 39,500 delivered - 7,500 = 32,000.  Range rated 73 EPA, mine up to 80 with mild to careful driving - 5 seats.

Think 23,000 delivered - 7,500 = 15,500. Range 75 - 82 again with mild to careful driving - 2 seats.

The Think City - about 2 miles more range then the Leaf.  Why the great price? Basically Think Europe is again in bankruptcy and Think City USA is funded to take care of the three year warranty with a skeleton staff that has been VERY responsive. When all new 2011 Think City's needed a heater replacement the small staff went to all the Think Citys in the US and got the job done.

In November 2012, I retired my ICE 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid.   I still own one third of a Toyota Yaris, I share with two others for long drives when needed.

So 2012 has been a great year for electric vehicles at my home.


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