Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2013 Leaf's - Part 1 of 4 - SPECS

So EV fans and friends (and the merely interested),

I love my Th!nk. I lust after the Tesla S.

Let's face it though - for most of you out there the main competitors are - the Leaf and the Volt. Maybe a third choice as the Ford Focus gets made in bigger numbers - still a question months after driving one. The Honda FIT - even more vaporwarish out there on lease terms for under 100 cars in 2012 - too bad.

Right now you want to go down to a dealer, test drive and buy or lease something like a compact to mid-size. Leaf or Volt is it.

So when Nissan announces a 2013 upgrade we'll pay attention and this is coming in four parts here.

1. Announced specs today.

2. My analysis of the new specs as a 2012 owner as well as a two EV owner.

3. MSRP and range - my thoughts - should be in less then two weeks.

4. Actual hands on analysis when the 2013's are available.

Some of this for a while is going to be a thought experiment as we pick through the three new models below in this NISSAN list of models standard and optional features.

Basically there will be three models - a extra stripped down econo version 'S', an 'SV' that looses a few more options, and the SL we know and love with a leather and sound option

I do have one early analysis note now - where dealers are selling 2012 LEAF's with firesale pricing, can you live with 7 hour charging, a less efficient heater, and no B (?) mode? If you can, the LED head lamps, full navigation system with CARWINGS, backup cam, solar 12v battery charger, built in fast charger,home link mirror, and other goodies are now only standard on the new SL so maybe the OLD SL is worth a look if you can drive a hard bargain? The new SV looks severely decontented too so the old 2012 SV basically loosing the CHADEMO - fast charge port, solar 12v tender, and backup cam? Well it's going to loose more - LED headlamps in particular? Again still could be worth a 2012 look.....

Now that's a mouth full - courtesy Nissan by way of the My Nissan Leaf website. More to come on these specs and the 2013 news in my next post.


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