Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Part 3 of 4 - Financial

A New Hope!

Well Nissan has really surprised me - talk about aggressive pricing and keeping the onboard 110volt charger. These prices really change the 2013 for me.

Let's look at 2013 Leaf MSRP prices:

Leaf S    Model - 28,800
Leaf SV Model - 31,820
Leaf SL Model - 34,840

My 2012 SL Nissan was about 39k delivered, at full MSRP of 37250 - this was with 300 reduced MD sales/excise tax. A 2400 dollar deduction for top of the line. A better heater, faster charging, improved console - wow.

As I noted the S had some severe de-content but what a price drop! Basically a new Leaf with same great drive train coming in at about 30,300 delivered and 22,800 when you get the fed refund. Almost a quarter off for a very comfy electric ride for 5.  A delivered price of 22,800 really putting in contention with the Smart and putting Mini, Ford, even Volt on notice.  That's not far from the price that made me jump for the Think.
And now that we early adopters are out of the way, time for the negotiators to squeeze that bottom line even further down. 
I think this really turns around my negative look at the changes in part 2 - way more hope here.
Let's cross our fingers for Nissan to start giving early adopters a glimpse of what battery replacement is going to run with TN built batteries...
In the showrooms in March!

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