Monday, November 26, 2012

The Th!nk City has improved heat!

Yet another reason to be Thankful - Think NA upgraded our heater under warranty!

I sent this email to a fellow Think driver:

Well all we had was the heater upgrade but Kevin and I were thrilled. We have been keeping records of charge and mileage on the Think:

Last week - Up to Eurostar battery starts at 100% ends at 45% for 40 miles with no fan or heat.
(I'm alone going up in the Think - large portion of this is highway at 65mph)

Tonight - Back down to Bowie same trip we start at 102% and end at 48% for 40 miles with heat on the whole way.  (and it's 20 degrees colder then the drive up last week when I dropped it off and Kevin is an extra 160 lbs sitting next to me.) With heater/fan dials on LOW we were toasty!

You have to understand - maybe the winds were more favorable etc. but in the Leaf turning on the heat cannot be mistaken - range ALWAYS drops - first for the cold and second for turning on the heat. I generally only use the seat heater unless I need to defrost windows. 

That is hot!


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