Monday, March 26, 2012

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6/12/2018 Update! Turns out my QR code displayed on the back of my Tesla Model 3 drops you here on an older resource entry from 2012.  My Tesla hands on experience starts in the 2018 blog entries on the right hand of this webpage or at this link:

Short list of facts on my Tesla Model 3 - Electric only. MSRP base price $35,000, mine $59,000.  The long range battery in mine gives me 310 miles of range. (base 220 miles) It recharges full over night on a dryer 40 amp circuit in ten hours, or at a Tesla supercharger in about 50 minutes on trips.

Here are my latest full specifications on the Tesla Model 3:

 In addition hosts a great group called MDVolt you may want to checkout.  I like them for their inexpensive social aspect - they are fun and have knowledgable members:

Meetup - MDVolt

Finally visit if you think you are immediately interested in their electric cars. It's worth your time, frankly the Tesla Model 3 is the best vehicle I've ever owned or driven.

Also I just updated links below to general Electric Vehicle (EV) info that will be helpful.


So you've waded through my EV writing and you're interested. Where else to find out about electrics?

Some of electric vehicle columns and news sites are here:

Inside Evs

Tired of reading? Robert Llewellyn is a British actor who writes and does a great video series on electric cars. His video series - Fully Charged is on youtube.

Youtube FullyCharged Show

A Facebook link as well:

Facebook FullyCharged Show

Finally the best all around club for all electrics (car, motorcycles, & you name it)  in the DC area is:

The EVA/DC club above is great if you are deciding on a brand as they are vendor neutral.

In the Washington DC metro area we have a FaceBook group for Nissan Leaf ( and other EV owners ) and interested folks:

For Nissan Leaf global discussion and a place to ask Leaf owners your questions:

You don't have to have an electric car - just be interested. I would also note that if you are more interested in a plug in hybrid on a budget (very good reputation for used quality if properly maintained) the Chevy Volt has proven itself. Plus as it can run on gas - it can be your only car and still give you 90% of electric savings over gas. It's battery life has shown very little degradation in used models. Here are a few Volt resources:

Catherine is teacher and Volt owner who does electric vehicle youtube videos from Nevada:

EVs of Nevada

Facebook Chevy Volt Owners

Enjoy! Dave

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