Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Why that goofy smile?

So I've talked about why the goals make worth having the electric car despite the cons.

Yet I've got a goofy grin in my car every day.  Shouldn't I feel serious in my self sacrifice?

A little secret.  At three months, my electric car is the best I've ever had.  The cost - offset by the $50 a week in my pocket that used to go to gas.  The range - plenty for my commute and 9 of 10 other trips.  On top of that it may take a while but I'm finding range extending chargers all over the place.

This quality was a quarter paid for by state and federal incentives.

Quiet.  Fast when I want it and tracks superbly with a low center of gravity.  Top safety ratings.  Top notch electronics and bluetooth.  Clean, no smelly exhaust, or soot under the hood.

I plug it in when I get home.  I unplug it before I leave with a full tank of electrons (ok it's a battery full) .  I tell my ipod touch to have it warm up while I get my morning shower.

I'm roughing it but I'm hanging in there....


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