Sunday, March 18, 2012

Motivations for Electric Vehicles (EVs)

I think as we examine electric cars it's useful to at least have some idea of why the source makes a particular argument or statement.

So start with mine.  Like with the hybrid in 2003 I want the freedom of a personal vehicle but I have been strongly motivated by these goals:

1.  Reduce my vehicle emissions accelerating climate change.

2.  Reduce the dependance on a finite resource.

3.  Reduce funds sent to oil producing cartels and unfriendly states.

and also enjoy these to a lesser extent:

4.  Improve vehicle reliability and quiet, peppy performance.  Safety too.

5.  Decreased cost and time at the pump and long term cost per mile.

6.  Cleaner - not just exhaust but soot, oil, grease are all reduced in the EV.

The pros of the above motivate me to accept some inconvenience that comes with this first generation of electric car.  Those cons include - range, limited charge speed, higher initial cost.  What I've found is in every case the pros make it very easy for me to accept the cons.

In fact if it was just the face of my teenage son, knowing I'm blazing an alternative trail that will help all families in American have clean choices in a few years, that is more then enough for me.

Will return to these points and the various objections of the opponents.  If you are too eager to wait, this one link has a number of good points for EVs:

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