Sunday, December 31, 2017

The End of the Year 2017

Well it's been an interesting year - New Year's Eve is always a time to examine the year.  Awaiting the Tesla Model 3 has been a theme for 2017. Luckily an enterprising soul You You Xue drove across the USA to show us the Model 3 we wait on:

Well I can tell you a big chubby arthritic guy it's a stretch getting and out. But - once in it's very comfortable with plenty of room and very adjustable. The screen is very well mounted and a beautifully clear image. The UI touch is responsive and overall I was very cheered by this short introduction. Love the clean interior.

I've been trying keep the Leaf running but it is getting tough - the 12 volt is dying and the fluids are lighting up the maintenance lights. Time is getting short for that rascal. The Think is back online but again a bit limited in range - better than the Leaf though.  I still enjoy the looks the Think gets - the Model 3 will be recognized much less.

Well about 10 people were out at the Laurel MD supercharger to check out the Model 3. We also saw another Model 3 owner - the first in MD who happened by for a Supercharger top off charge. He also graciously chatted with future owners about all the things he likes in his car as well.

One thing I realize watching the excited faithful checking out these cars is Tesla has an opportunity like no other here. People are waiting and if he can build them - they will come. Whatever you are wishing for this New Year's Eve for the coming year - I hope you find it along with health and happiness.

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