Thursday, November 2, 2017

A healthy dose of reality

Well as usual when my electric side is going poorly I've been quiet. The Leaf is throwing out some strange warning lamps so I've been using an ICE (The rollerskate - Toyota Yaris. Ugh.)

        Dave's Dream Date - This is pretty close to what trips my trigger. Still waiting.

My thoughts have been back and forth on waiting for All Wheel Drive.  First with the Q3 earnings report I'm worried if they can deliver even my original 15K quantity prediction for 2017. Also I think Trump's tax plan could easily kill incentives next year. If he leaves it alone I'd say AWD may push buyers into the second ramp down period anyway for a $3750 discount. Rocky road ahead.

On the other side the TM3's out there look amazing. The Model 3 Owners Club guys made a great video - it's an hour long. It's missing the latest over the air updates - autopilot, bluetooth, voice commands, stereo equalizer. However they really go over the base hardware well. Looks like camping mode will work well - Grand Canyon here I come.

Model 3 Owners Club - Tesla Model 3 Youtube Video 

Youtube - Tesla Model 3 Autopilot Working

So the product is good. The question is can they produce before we are old and gray?  Question short answer is: no I'm already gray. Longer answer is a problem producing battery packs at Nevada is the current bottleneck - they fired a subcontractor and are working on the automated assembly programming now in house - which should improve numbers quickly.

Patiently waiting my dream date!

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