Monday, December 29, 2014

Financially compromised!

Well I have not had much news for the blog - continuing to drive mainly electric with some long trips on a gas Yaris. As of December there is a confession to make.

I'm biased - I bought stock in Tesla. Not going to go into how much etc. Let's just say it would not buy a model S.

However up until now I have always bought market index funds towards retirement. Sadly this probably includes energy sector stocks which to make their profits contribute to climate change.

I simply felt in news story after news story Tesla and Elon Musk not only acted responsibly towards customers and shareholders but mankind as a whole. The company has made great strategic decisions as well.  While the stock may be high it had fallen from a high of 290s to 216 which I think very long term will be a great place to get in even though 3 years ago they were in the 40's. I really believe in two decades or less Telsa will be the largest seller of autos in the USA and perhaps world wide.

I probably won't live to see that but my kids might so a little of my nest egg has been moved into Tesla.

Anyway - I've always claimed no bias so now I will admit to having one - I like and own some of Tesla.

I'll continue to write - including when I think Tesla is wrong, but so far I haven't seen much evidence of that. Heck I wish they sold public stock in SpaceX.

The other big financially compromising news is gas is dirt cheap lately. Nice when I have to do some distance driving but tough for financial comparison with electrics. When you run the numbers, and add in the 100,000 mile 6K$ battery change, when gas is under $2.50 the ICE engine comes out ahead per mile. Cheap oil appears here for a while. Of course strangling in pollution, watching sea coral bleach, and world temps go up is a cost too.

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