Tuesday, May 26, 2015


I fully admit to being AWOL on the blog.  The Leaf is still running like a champ and I haven't given up EVing.

The Leaf did lose a bar at 40k miles last year ( out of twelve ) but is running great. Retirement limits most of my driving to 30 mile out and back which round trip is 60. That's just fine still.  I always have to plan for two extra bars to get back up the mountain ( hill? - 1200') at the PA border where I live.

I continue to own stock in Tesla - the shorts continue to try making up bad press. However the company at every turn continues to chase the right thing so I and it appears others are in for the long haul.

It appears out on a two year horizon, but Tesla's model 3 and the Nissan long range Leaf version should be arriving. Very exciting but with my Leaf I'll be able to sit back and decide after the first adopters this go round. I bought the high end 2011 calendar /2012 model year Leaf at full freight in line so I feel no guilt there. I hope more serious long range contenders arrive as well. A 200 mile Bolt? A 100 battery mile Volt?? A better BMW set of EV entries?

If anyone is still reading - with my AWOL lack of articles, stay positive. Oil interests are still fighting EV's tooth and nail but I think range will put a big dent in the petrol coffin. Gas may never go away but we can hope it becomes like diesel - a secondary fuel. Despite fanfare and announcements of new H cars, nothing breakthrough is making hydrogen any less of a phantom.

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