Sunday, August 3, 2014

CHADEMO fast charging - Thanks Mom's Organic Market

Hi to the electric drivers and electric curious out there,

For July the 4th weekend I wanted to bring the Leaf up to PA. The thing that made this possible was Mom's Organic Supermarket. What a great place - most Mom's spend money and time to put in level two chargers - and I thank them. Mom's in Frederick MD goes even bigger - a two spot CHADEMO charger.

CHADEMO is the highest level charging at 440 volts and takes quite an investment for a business to put in. These were a Mitsubishi brand.

Currently running at one bar of twelve in charge, I got an 80 fill up in about 40 minutes - somewhat slower than the 30 minutes I had heard. Another 20 and I was 100% with the temp jumping one bar for the battery to 5, not bad at all. I picked up a couple of items at Mom's to say thank you, walked across to IHOP for a snack and coffee and was on my way.

Worked great going back too.

It always amazes me when business gives back rather than fracking and monopolizing. I want to believe in business because my country grew strong on it. So when you find ethical business - support it! BTW I own no Mom's stock etc - just shop there and pick up a few electrons while I'm there.

Here's a Mom's picture from Waldorf. (which has lovely level 2 chargers.) Will try to get a picture of the Frederick chargers another time.

Here's Mark Czajka promoting electric cars at Moms on Plug In Day:

And a little closer of the regular level two chargers at Moms with a plugin Prius.

Charge on!

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