Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving and EVs.

Like past Thanksgiving's this November 2012 has plenty to be grateful for. This blog is about the return of Electric Vehicles in the US and we'll look at what is good there.

First the election was probably better for renewable energy and EV's. Why conservatives have taken the positions they have on climate change and new vehicle technology is odd - given that long term neither of those make sense. Nor is the liberal side perfect - I see very little low carbon commitment there but at least they are supporting renewable and EV development subsidies.

I personally am thankful for the range of EV's available and that many are being made in the US. We are still awaiting Nissan's new US made Leafs. All indications are of improvements and less expensive models but the US 2013 models are still awaiting announcement and specifications.

I'm grateful Nissan was able to fix my Leaf - squirrels got in the engine compartment and chewed up the air filter and blower. Not grateful for the squirrels though. Thanking the tiny remaining Think USA company for replacing the heater in the Think with a more efficient heater unit under warranty.
Finally on the manufacturers side, I want to also thank Tesla. I can't afford one, but Elon's dream and drive have really jumpstarted the EV and kept the other manufacturers in the game. Car of the year for the model S is very nice.

On the user side the various regional and national organizations have done a great job with National Plug In Day. In our area both EVA/DC, also Mark Czajka and MD Volt have done excellent work with meetups and other events. Below is a Tesla S attending the last MD Volt meetup.

Happy Thanksgiving !!

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