Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Some links for recent self driving developments

First let me link to Tesla's Autopilot page:


Next let's look at the NVIDIA supercomputer:

Electrek.on NVIDIA px-2

That's a good start because the Tesla autopilot link includes a video showing the autopilot system already driving completely over all types of street to a Tesla facility and auto parking itself. If the prototype software is this far along I believe more advanced auto piloting will be ready to go in the TM3 in Fall 2017, and self pilot not far behind depending on regulators. The second article talks about the very advanced supercomputer being added The NVIDIA PX2. Here is more on that:

NVIDIA Supercomputer Video

PX2 details

Finally a quick link to an article on a self driving Big Rig called OTTO. He hauls beer! Good times:

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