Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Electric Ascension

Electric Vehicles are having a great year,

I'll save Tesla for it's own post. Let's just go for a top five for the rest of electric motoring.

1. GM's Bolt.  Regardless of so-so corporate behavior, the team at GM clearly continues to outdo themselves. In fact look back. The EV1 - ahead of it's time and potentially a game changer although buried by short sighted GM management - the fault was not the engineers. The Volt - certainly the most worry free way to drive electric for many years as the infrastructure improved. The Spark - ok lets move on. Now the 100% electric Bolt - easily 238 miles on a charge makes this new vehicle instantly a competitor. While I will continue my wait for the Model 3, this $37,500 MSRP with $7500 in federal incentives is a pretty interesting contender and has good reviews.

2. 2016 up 70% on electric sales.

3. VW throws in the diesel towel. Settles with owners and US government. Diesel - Scrapheap.

4. VW picks up the EV gauntlet. Admittedly they are still a gleam in German eye but I believe VW will be competitive.

5. Nissan continues to sell the mid upgrade Leaf and confirms 60KWH battery Leaf with a 200 mile range. The bad news 'it's coming' with little firm timeframe. Still progress.

** Bonus Point ** - Hydrogen seems to be melting away!

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