Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Th!nk fun and issues

The Th!nk City to date has been a lot of fun.  It seems to have about 5 more miles per full charge then the Leaf in range which is nice. Roomy for a two seater - as a former Honda CRX and Spitfire owner I like the seating. However I'm glad the highway segments I've been on have been short - it's clearly straining above 60 mph. Acceptable and reasonably safe but not as comfortable as the 40-55 power band where it excels. Rt 301 and around Bowie/Brandywine/Waldorf is quite nice. I brought it down from Euromotors via the 695 Baltimore Beltway - fine even in rain with the lower center of gravity, but not comfortable at 65 mph highway ( which keeps me pretty much right lane - but I'm used to that in the Leaf for milage reasons). I did get the speedometer up to 75 to prove it could get there but it was on a flat section and clearly sucking down the electrons.

That is fine though - it's meant to be a city runabout and for that it's a ball to drive. It gets a lot of positive feedback for it's fun look. My son and others have tried it - will writeup some feedback on that in the future. Pretty positive though. However there is a fly in the ointment - the heater.

When I drove it home I used the heater - no problems. Reading on the internet at the Th!nk users group on heater use however I was saddened to find that heater use can unpredictably mess up the electronic controller - sometimes fatally.

While supposedly Th!nk USA is working the issue - we buyers are hearing nothing yet - and it's getting colder out.... Will keep you up to date on any developments.


PS - Lanny from EVA/DC took this after kindly giving me a ride up to EuroStar Motors to pick it up:

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