Monday, September 10, 2012

Tesla buzz and awaiting Nissan's next move

The Tesla S is starting to make the rounds as the deliveries begin. Basically if you are in the upper income brackets or have a sizable nest egg for that one special item - I really don't see any competition. The EVA/DC website has links to a member drive test that just looks incredible. Good range, active battery protection, and next generation electronics - there really is nothing else like it. If you have got the loot and love high end cars - get in line for a Tesla S.

So the how about the company trying to make electrics for the upper middle class here? Nissan has had many reports of improvements - some unofficially from corporate insiders as I've noted before. Quite a few websites are reporting more improvements as well, but nothing yet seems official. Range and price are always the two biggest questions with faster charging a close third. The wait for details on the 2013 is a killer, as Nissan tries to sell down the 2012's. August monthly sales numbers were better - in the 600s, but still no breakthrough numbers. The 600's are happening due to very sweet sales and lease deals.  Basically if I could have held off I might have saved 5K easily but I must admit in this case I'll trade driving joy for the cash...

So we remain in a holding pattern for September awaiting developments! I will report on how National Plug In Day goes September 23rd.

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