Monday, September 24, 2012

National Plug In Day - Winners & Losers

National Plug In Day was yesterday. The one I went to in White Marsh is not to be seen as representative but I have some observations on it.

Mark Czakja - excellent organizer. Awards for the MTA's beautiful charging setup at White Marsh, great sponsor organizing, and prizes / test drives / fun.
The public that came - not as many as could have made it out, but lots of rides in supercars!
The EV owners - Giving nice folks rides. Networking and driving other cool cars - I tried 3.
The Think dealer - Eurocars, showing people cool Thinks at firesale pricing!
Kevin my son won a $100 Mom's Organic Gift card as a door prize!!!
Lots of other door prize winners too.
MTA folks - Putting in charging station in the perfect spots for public transit links.
Emergency Responders - They are training on all major EV's to take care of in accidents - awesome!
Baltimore County reps and many other guests.

The public that didn't make it - We'll keep trying - there is always hope next year.

Two EV Dealers. At least at White Marsh, Mark invited the local Nissan (Leaf) and Chevy (Volt) dealers just down the street. They didn't show. Sad - the one group that should be supporting all this for their own corporate goals - total no shows.

Fun day, great seeing Jill Sorenson from BEVI, lots of solar home reps, a Leaf owner who drove from NJ, Ford - although it was their hybrid vs the EV, and a ton of Volt owners. I had a ride in a very nice 'EcoBling' Volt the owner had tricked out with leds and cool accessories.  Mark also had snacks, T-Shirts for EVers and demo riders, and the vendors had refreshments.

Kevin got a passenger ride in the Fisker Karma supercar which was quite sporty. I got to take him for a test drive in the Think - the Eurocar dealer was cool about it and just let us two take off. It was quite nice for a very small car - kind of took me back to my young days with a two seater. Kevin dug it too.

Ah a day of optimism,


PS Here's a couple of son Kevin pics from the plugin day...

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