Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Normally I welcome more car models to the electric fold and I'd be delighted to see improvement over the Leaf.  From anyone.  With the exception of Tesla though some of these 'new competitors' seem bogus.

Take the Ford Focus.  Still no numbers to speak of - a very tepid introduction. More to throw up a gauntlet to competition then to actually sell in numbers. As I noted before though - cute style if a bit small for my taste.

Honda Fit electric.  This one really gets my goat - think the Leaf is hard to get. Honda is working overtime to splash specs around and they sound good. Then you find out this car is almost as hard to get as their million dollar Hydrogen Fuel cell mirage.  A thousand over 3 years ~ 340 a year. Lease only - you don't have an option to own just like the EV-1. Leasing is fine if the car is real and an option to buy is out there.

At least the Tesla S if pricey is going to be in some sort of buyable numbers and is rolling off the line - you have to admire Elon Musk's moxie.

Well at 6 months and 6100 miles I'm happy as can be.  Zippy performance with very low monthly cost.  If this continues as is at 54 months from now paid off this will be almost a free ride.  At least until I start looking at battery replacement at the eight year mark.  I really enjoy the car more each day.

Now the key is the US production and upgrades on a Leaf that either toes the cost line or decreases a bit. When I hear about these phantom car - arrggh.  Come on Ford and Chrysler - get in the game with a real EV.  At least Chevy has the Volt which is a real plugin with promise and some range...

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