Wednesday, May 9, 2012

An interesting option

For those interested in the Nissan Leaf but annoyed by the wait, Nissan just dropped the Leaf lease by a few bucks.

First a disclaimer - I'm not selling for Nissan or getting a kickback.  I have no leasing experience either.

Now I'm glad to have bought a 2012.  Given however the big upgrades coming to the 2013, a 39 month (Three and a quarter year) lease has some pros.  This is a $3K down ( most elderly trade in cars would cover  this ) and a $289 base model lease price. I would lease the base model.

Add $40 in electric a month and you are running. Now you have 39 months of electric driving for under $350 a month (with maintenance) and you can look at buying one of the improved EV's in 2016's model year.  Admittedly you loose the payments but if prices fall - the purchase of a 2016 could be quite a bit cheaper.

Three years of improvement in model years.  Given all the Nissan upgrades each year in the Leaf and all the competition coming on line - could be sweet.

Folks experienced at leases feel free to discuss the down sides.


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