Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wild July

Well the dam is breaking. At various electric clubs I'm seeing in the flesh:

C-Energy Plug in Hybrids,
A Ford Focus EV,
Honda Fit EV,
The Prius plugin - although vastly outnumbered by regular hybrid Priusi.

Several of each of the usual suspects:
Teslas - Coupe and Model S,
Volts, and

I've driven a Smart EV coming in October for sale and these models are in the pipeline:

BMW I3 next year - about 42K and an option for range extension,
Chevy Spark,
and a Kia model that I guess will have sparking hamsters commercials.

Given the numbers compared with hybrid adoption we are WAY ahead even if the Presidents one million in 2015 still looks optimistic. Still Nissan/Renault alone is already at 100K EV's sold in 2013. Not too shabby. As usual the naysayers and oil shills are out in force. Still it appears the lower prices, electric efficiency, and fair carbon comparisons are finally carrying the day for a segment of the market.

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