Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Leaf and Earth day

So I've been pretty positive about various electric cars. For this earth day though, my favorite is still the Leaf.  Especially the 2013 Leaf S.

My 2012 Leaf has 18,000 miles, no battery degradation and plenty of zip. Almost 18 months driving and last 12 with a 50 mile commute.

Now imagine the same car body, motor, batteries, and a roomier hatchback.

Less fun electronics, fast charge port only optional as well as the 2013 level 2 speed increase for charging.

Still a 29k car that is 22k after federal rebate?  Mine was 32k after rebate. Great lease deals. The base 2013 Leaf is the most amazing commuter tool ever. Saves me $150 in gas a month. The base has a radio instead of Nav system but again not a problem in a commuter. Heck if you have 30 mile or less commute I survived on the 120v trickle charger for my first six months.

I hear 'Tesla is awesome'.  True but only for the 65k demographic. I like the Focus, The Think, The Volt. I still think the Leaf is your Earth Day choice. I hear complaints about the style, but to me all gas cars are so so - I'd rather have a clean, super peppy off the stop light, and no gas electric! Easily as pretty as a Prius - I think car beauty is skin deep. Electric beauty is in the bones!

So this Earth Day - take a spin in a Leaf at a dealer - or ask me. It's the no gas option that will help us save the Earth.  Having fun the whole way.

P.S. My Red Leaf next to a Tesla - admittedly the Tesla IS nice - grin.

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