Sunday, March 10, 2013

More FUD from EV critics my friends

Critics are trying to use Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt - F.U.D.

For example - in the NY Times car section a reporter claims a Tesla S can't make a run to Boston.

In the blogosphere there are lot's of ways to make money. I've put up youtube whale videos in the hope of making a few bucks - my cousin made quite a bit after posting a grouper feeding video. No luck there but hey it's worth a try. I understand people trying to make a living off the net.

I have not monetized or put ads on this blog because I think it's very important to understand motives in the EV world. I see many posters that I believe benefit from entrenched industry. After all the net is a huge influence on opinion and 20k spread among 4 commenters for say 2 hours of work a week for a year is peanuts compared to paid ads. Anonymous too, so big oil or the repair industry can make EV's look impractical without leaving a paper trail. So everywhere you see the snide naysayer - often quite rabid in their remarks - generally never having owned an EV.

So when I'm telling you about how the EV has worked well for myself and my son - it's all from a desire to keep our climate sane, our air clean, and our dollars out of the oil cartels. That I save a bundle is cool too.

Now there are also folks on their own that believe EV's are bad - but many have been sold a bill of goods by Fox, conservative 'think tank' fronts, and the conservative PR business. Which is sad because fiscal restraint and individual responsibility are good things but somehow the GOP has let it itself be led by extremists, big oil, and the 1% into the wrong alley. You don't have be on the left to want clean water and a decent climate for your kids.

So first when the newspapers (which carry adverts for car repair and gas) have a car 'reporter' drive around in circles to run an EV out of juice - it is suspect. How is it that Dave - D G Leaf can drive his car 15k in year and not run out - all while having a 120v/240v charger with extension cord in the back of his car if I did. I have not - not once. I'm no car genius either. I make sure my map is up to date and keep apps to help locate chargers at the ready.

When you hear the FUD remember that people are afraid - afraid for their repair business. Afraid for the public waking up about the climate and climbing out of the lobster pot they are slow cooking in for the profits of oil and gas speculation.

I can tell you - if you have a gas car in the family that you can keep, an EV can be practical and fun as your second car. It's affordable and unless you are in an apartment with no charge options easy to charge. That's all we need to sell - to that market for the second family car. Then economies of scale kick in. What Tesla sells now for luxury price becomes commonplace.  Range and cost improve yearly.

It's coming - don't believe the FUD. If I can do it - so can you, and for much less money then I did.

Finally for those that are just too worried - try a spin in a Volt sometime. All the bennies of electric miles with the reassurance of a backup gas capability.

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